Career Services for Online Students

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 The Career & Co-Op Center at UMass Lowell is intended to help you succeed in your career, regardless of whether you’re an online or traditional on-campus student. Online students often face unique challenges in their job searches. For example, you may not have the same opportunities to network with potential employers as traditional campus students. Career services can help you overcome these challenges and find ways to connect virtually. They offer a variety of resources and services that can help you, including:

1. Free Career Resources

Whether you’re still figuring out your major or have already committed to a degree program but are unsure of career path options, explore your interests through the Career & Co-Op Center website. In addition to providing valuable articles, you can access the following resources:

  • Explore the myriad of careers associated with different majors at What Can I Do with This Major?
  • Complete a career assessment through Focus 2 Career or MassHire.
  • Visit Candid Career to watch career planning and career information videos to learn about job options, industries and job search advice directly from people in that career.
  • Research job trends data to discover salary information, skills and education required, and more by entering the keyword of the occupation you’re interested in.

Still have questions? Contact the Career Advising Team.

2. On-Campus and Virtual Events

UMass Lowell’s Career Services Department offers in-person and virtual sessions that include:

  • Career Corners: Career Corners provides informative virtual sessions for you to learn about topics like resume writing, job search strategies, interview skills and more.
  • Workshops: Participate in professional development workshops that focus on skills relevant to your field. Some of the different workshops offered through UMass Lowell include salary negotiation, job hunting, networking and more that can enhance your employability. Workshops are in person unless otherwise noted.
  • Career Fairs: Even if you study online, you are welcome to join the career fairs that take place on-campus. These events provide opportunities to connect with employers, learn about job opportunities and network with professionals in your field. Check the events calendar for information on upcoming career fairs.

Registration for some of these events is recommended. You can register and access the Zoom link through the Events section of the career services website.

3. Preparation for Your Future Career

Take advantage of the resources provided through career services to ensure your application materials are polished. You can view the Resume Writing Guide and the Job Search Letters Guide to gain tips for writing cover letters, letters of inquiry, requests for informational interviews and thank you/follow-up notes. You may also attend events on resume tailoring and interviewing skills.

4. Building Your Professional Network

Career Services for Online Students Pro Tip: You can connect with over 85K former Riverhawks through UMass Lowell’s LinkedIn profile. Select “Alumni” in the sub-navigation. Next, conduct a keyword search for alums who live locally to you or have careers you’re interested in and ask them for an informational interview. Alums open the doors to positions for many graduating students, and they often offer valuable advice that can help you advance in your career.

Learn more great advice to Grow Your Career Network at the career services website.

5. Job Postings and Internship Opportunities

If you haven’t already, sign up to received tailored communication based on your career interests. Through the signup process, you can select email alerts, including job or internship opportunities. You can also regularly check the Job Postings board to see if a new opportunity interests you. Also, students and alums should always take advantage of Handshake, UMass Lowell’s recruiting system for jobs, internships and more.

6. Staying Connected to the Career & Co-Op Center

Most importantly, check out the online resources offered through the Career & Co-Op Center website, where you will find comprehensive career guides, industry research tools and job search databases. Also, follow UMass Lowell’s Career Services on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These channels will inform you about upcoming events, job opportunities and relevant professional development news.

By actively engaging with Career Services, you can maximize your career development and job placement opportunities, regardless of whether you study online or on-campus.

Visit the Career & Co-Op Center at UMass Lowell