5 Tips to Fast-Track Your Degree

Online student: Fast track your degree

When pursuing a degree program, time is often a limiting factor. Traditional on-campus degrees can take several years to complete, and this timeframe is not feasible for many students. However, fast-tracking your degree can offer numerous benefits and open doors to exciting opportunities. By completing your education in a shorter time frame, you can start your career earlier and begin reaping the financial rewards associated with your chosen field. Below are several ways to speed up your degree progress.

  1. Take Advantage of Accelerated Online Programs

Many schools, including UMass Lowell, offer 8-week and 10-week online courses in a condensed format that can help you achieve your goals more quickly. Enrolling in these accelerated courses allows you to dive into a key subject matter and complete your coursework in a shorter timeframe. This will enable you to focus on one topic at a time, ensuring a more immersive learning experience and better retention of information. Additionally, the shorter duration means you can complete more courses in a single semester, allowing you to graduate sooner. Furthermore, 8-week and 10-week college courses often provide more flexibility in scheduling, making it easier to balance your education with work, family, or other responsibilities.

According to a case study by the Department of Education, students report many benefits associated with accelerated degree programs. Advantages of participating in accelerated courses may include reduced costs, entering the labor market sooner, and increased contact time and supportiveness established between peers and staff due to participating in a more intensive learning environment.

  1. Utilize Summer and Winter Sessions

Another effective way to fast-track your degree is by taking advantage of Summer and Winter sessions. Like condensed online courses, intersessions offer an excellent opportunity to complete courses at an accelerated pace. A wide range of classes are available during Summer and Winter intersessions, including core requirements and electives. By strategically selecting courses during these sessions, you can make significant progress toward your degree in a short amount of time.

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  1. Carefully Select the Sequence of Your Courses

To fast-track your degree, look for prerequisites or core courses that must be completed before advancing to higher-level classes so you can strategically map out your academic journey. Next, consider meeting with an academic advisor who can provide additional guidance. They can help you identify any potential roadblocks and suggest alternative paths to help you reach your goals faster. An advisor can also assist with credit transfers and ensure you’re maximizing your previous coursework. This leads to our next tip to fast-track your degree progress.

  1. Make the Most of Your Transfer Credits

Finding degree programs with generous transfer policies can go a long way toward graduating sooner. Some schools, including UMass Lowell’s online undergraduate programs, accept up to 90 credits toward your bachelor’s program—up to 75% of your degree! Not only can you graduate more quickly by maximizing your transfer credits, but according to the College Affordability Guide, students who transfer all or most of the credits they’ve already earned are 2.5 times more likely to graduate.

  1. Complete the Maximum Number of Credits Each Semester

When considering how many courses to take each semester, weighing the pros and cons is important. You will have little time to focus on anything other than classwork if you maximize the number of courses you take each semester. However, you will graduate more quickly. At UMass Lowell, undergraduate students can register for up to 18 credits, or six courses, in the Fall or Spring semesters.

Complete Your Degree Faster and Save on Overall Costs

While accelerating your time to graduation can lead to cost savings in the long run, especially if you take online courses, it’s important to consider the immediate financial implications. Evaluate your financial situation and determine if you have the resources to support an accelerated program. Explore scholarships, payment plans, and other financial aid options that can help offset the costs of fast-tracking your degree.

In conclusion, fast-tracking your degree is an excellent way to achieve your educational and career goals sooner. Whether you’re a busy professional seeking career advancement or a student looking to enter the workforce, UMass Lowell can help you earn your degree faster. Don’t let time constraints hold you back from achieving your educational aspirations.

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