Top 8 Reasons to Take a Summer Course

Summer provides an excellent opportunity to catch up on credits, stay on track to graduate, and acquire new skills. You can also complete courses at a lower cost that can count toward degree progress at another institution. Below we count down the top 8 reasons students opt to take one or more summer courses.

  1.       Maintain Study Habits and Academic Progress

Some students struggle to fit learning back into their lives during the first few weeks of September. Summer courses enable you to maintain good study habits and avoid the September slump.

  1.       Decrease Workload for an Upcoming Semester

Completing credits during the summer enables you to lighten up your course load for an upcoming semester, which can be beneficial if you have challenging program requirements to complete.

  1.       Enjoy Smaller Class Sizes

Summer classes tend to be smaller, allowing for more individualized attention from the instructor and more opportunities to connect with classmates. There is also a direct correlation between smaller class sizes and academic performance.

  1.       Complete Core Requirements or Popular Electives

Summer provides an opportunity to complete required courses that you’ve either avoided or struggled to fit into your schedule during the Fall or Spring semesters. Also, it’s a great time to sign up for elective courses that fill quickly during the traditional school year.

  1.       Boost Your GPA

Many students find that focusing on 1-2 courses over the summer is much more manageable than tackling 4-6 during the Fall or Spring. The ability to focus on a single subject positively impacts academic performance leading to a higher GPA.

  1.       Choose from Multiple Course Length Options

During the summer, many schools offer a variety of course lengths and start dates, making it easier to fit learning into your schedule. For example, UMass Lowell provides courses that are 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-weeks in length. Earn college credits while finding plenty of time to enjoy the summer.

  1.       Accelerate Time to Graduation

Summer classes allow you to accelerate degree progress and shorten the time it takes you to graduate. A course that takes 15-weeks  to complete in Fall or Spring semesters may only take 6-weeks during the summer.

  1.       Save Money

Trim an entire semester off your undergraduate education, saving thousands of dollars in tuition. Many schools also offer summer scholarships, further reducing the cost of your education.

Convinced that summer courses are right for you? Learn more about the hundreds of graduate and undergraduate courses available during UMass Lowell’s Summer Sessions.

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