Plastics Engineering Seminars Summer ’22

Stephen Johnston, Plastics Engineering Professor

UMass Lowell’s Plastics Engineering Seminars are Back

Once again, UMass Lowell is offering over a dozen in-demand plastics engineering seminars through the Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies this summer.  For more than 30 years, UMass Lowell has offered educational workshops on plastics processing, design, and quality control topics.  These hands-on seminars are taught by world-renowned faculty and have earned the respect of professionals throughout the plastics engineering industry.

There is a high demand for skilled plastics engineering professionals, primarily because of a labor shortage.[1] The highly interactive and experiential seminars offered at the UMass Lowell campus offer a solution to help fill the skills gap in the plastics industry.

About the Seminars

The small plastics engineering seminars class sizes allow participants ample time for questions and experimentation in the labs. Past attendees offer high praise for the instructors and the seminar format. John Q. attended last year’s Injection Molding seminar. He stated, “The professor taught the class in a way that directly applies to my career. I enjoyed the lectures and corresponding hand-on samples shared to reinforce topics. The instructor provided us plenty of opportunities for open forum discussion. She also offered the ability to custom steer certain lab parts.”

UMass Lowell’s plastics seminars accommodate a range of skill sets and knowledge levels. John, an engineer, shared, “This helped me get a good base with injection molding without taking semesters of classes. I’m new to the industry, and all of this [information] is beneficial to give me a baseline knowledge of injection molding.” Engineers like John and professionals in product design and development, research and development, or sales and marketing will benefit from the professional development training available at UMass Lowell.

Corporations that encourage professional development within their workforce will find that the seminars are a cost-effective way to improve employees’ knowledge, skill, engagement, and productivity. The material is ideal for professionals and technicians in the plastics engineering industry. Those with chemical and mechanical engineering backgrounds will find the seminars particularly useful.  Although seminars occur on-campus, UMass Lowell can also deliver them on-site if the organization possesses the necessary lab equipment.

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