Get to Know Minu Mohan, ’21

My UMass Lowell journey has been a truly wonderful and life-changing experience. …I was never left out because I was an international student.”

About Mohan

As an international student, Mohan juggled the multiple responsibilities of being a mom, student and graduate research assistant. She decided to return to school after a 10-year break and receive a second master’s degree on top of the Master’s in Dental Surgery she earned while living in India.

How would you describe your experience at UMass Lowell?

“The vibrant and enriching community of UMass Lowell that values equality, diversity and inclusion made me feel at home. …The teachers were so supportive. You can reach out to them anytime, and they are always so responsive. …Multiple scholarships were provided to support me. I was mentored by outstanding professors who helped me build my research skills, and I was also fortunate to be a part of a national project that aims to support minority women with HIV.”

What did you gain from your Master’s degree in Public Health?

“I was able to reinvent myself and have known faculty who have improved my critical thinking and leadership skills.

…My experience has been wonderful. Obviously, it was during the COVID time, but I really felt supported at UMass Lowell. My professors were really supportive, and I was lucky to get into a research assistantship and have some hands-on experience in research, which helped me get a job soon after graduation.”

How did you balance school with your other responsibilities?

“I was worried that I would not be there at home when my child returns from school. But my courses were built in such a way that most of my classes were in the late evenings, and some were online… which offered a great amount of flexibility. The reading resources and assignments given for each course were well-aligned, and I was able to secure a high GPA. I was also able to publish 3 articles in peer-reviewed journals.”

Now that you’ve graduated, what are your plans?

“The Career and Co-op Center and International Students and Scholars’ Office [at UMass Lowell] are excellent resources. The guidance I received from them helped me secure a full-time job at Boston Medical Center as soon as I graduated.”

What is your advice to other students in the program?

“The one advice I have for any incoming student is to always reach out to your program coordinators and professors if you have any questions or feel lost. They are highly responsive and prioritize [their] students.”

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