Get to Know Daniel Walsh, Liberal Arts ’23

“I feel like my skills are well rounded due to studying many different subjects.”

About Walsh

Daniel transferred to UMass Lowell from a school in South Carolina to finish his degree closer to home.

How would you describe your experience at UMass Lowell?

“So far, my experience at UMass Lowell has been amazing. When I first transferred, I took a few classes on campus. Taking classes on campus and utilizing the resources UMass Lowell offers was nice. My work schedule began ramping up, so I started taking some online classes. I ended up loving the online classes and stuck with them. I haven’t taken a course on campus for years. Online courses give me the flexibility to do my school work on my schedule and terms.”

What have you gained so far from Liberal Arts?

“I have gained a lot from my program. When I was at Coastal Carolina, I was a business major.  I switched to Liberal Arts with concentrations in Political Science and Psychology. This allowed me to gain more expertise in other areas.”

How did you balance school with your other responsibilities?

“While I have a very busy schedule, my school work is my main priority. Online classes give me the freedom to be able to work and go to school at the same time . . .  Each Monday, I make a list of all the assignments due for the current week. This helps me stay organized and prevents me from missing any assignments. With online classes, you really have to be on top of things. I typically work during the day and then do my school work at night.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“When I am not working or doing school work, I enjoy playing golf, spending time with family/friends and collecting sneakers. I am a huge sports fan, so I enjoy watching baseball, basketball and football games on TV. My favorite teams are the Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics! I have also been collecting rare Air Jordan sneakers since I was in middle school.”

What are your plans for after graduation?

“My plan after graduating from UMass Lowell is to get my Master’s Degree. I want to further my education and get a Master’s in Sports Management/Operations. I have been obsessed with sports my entire life and would like to make a career out of it.”

What is your advice to other students in the program?

“My advice to other students in the program would be to stay on top of things. It is very easy to fall behind with online classes. Staying organized and on top of deadlines will help you succeed.”

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