3 Ways Organizations Benefit from Corporate Academic Partnerships

Corporate Academic Partnerships

There are many reasons you may consider a corporate academic partnership. For example, the skills gap in many organizations is a challenge in nearly every industry. Also, employers hire outside help or invest in lengthy searches for the perfect hire, which can be costly and inefficient.  Listed below are three ways corporate educational partnerships benefit organizations as much as they help individual employees.

1. Meet Evolving Industry Demands

Corporate academic partnerships encourage your employees to develop new skills and a fresh perspective on approaching their jobs. Employers who take advantage of educational partnerships reduce the need to hire external resources and the potential for internal information gaps.

2. Tuition Benefits Are an Employee Retention Tool

Companies that commit to their workers’ career development benefit from employee longevity. Employees who receive education and training opportunities often feel a sense of loyalty and believe they can grow within the organization instead of seeking employment elsewhere.

3. Boost Engagement 

In addition to enhancing employee skills and knowledge, increased education levels correlate with escalated confidence. Workers are often re-energized when they complete certificate and degree programs which elicit feelings of pride and increased self-worth. High enthusiasm often creates a ripple effect among co-workers, and they benefit from their colleague’s new knowledge.

If you are interested in gaining an edge in a competitive marketplace, consider joining the many organizations that have partnered with UMass Lowell

Our academic partnerships enable employees to take advantage of a variety of benefits, including:

Financial Benefits

UMass Lowell’s Corporate Academic Partnerships deliver financial benefits to eligible employees who enroll in the degrees, certificates or individual credit-bearing courses offered through the Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies. The financial benefits include tuition credits and facilitation of tuition deferment and tuition vouchers.

Customized Training Opportunities

We deliver courses and training engagements on-site, online or in our state-of-the-art classrooms and lab facilities. Let us know what is best for your workforce’s schedule.

Academic Support

Your employees receive academic advice and support from enrollment through graduation. Additionally, they may be eligible for test waivers, application fee waivers and dedicated courses for employee cohorts.

If you are committed to gaining a competitive edge, consider the benefits of becoming a Corporate Academic Partner.