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How to Choose an Online MBA Program: Your Guide to Success

The online MBA is a game-changer for busy professionals seeking career advancement without sacrificing work or personal commitments. However, with so many programs available, selecting the right one can feel overwhelming. Fear not! This guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate the online MBA landscape with confidence. How to Choose an Online MBA 1. […]

HIM vs. MPH – Which Degree Should You Choose?

Are you interested in a career in health care but unsure of the difference between pursuing a degree in Health Information Management (HIM) or a Master of Public Health (MPH)? Making the right degree choice will significantly impact your future career opportunities. Below, we compare HIM and MPH degrees, helping you determine which program best […]

UMass Lowell’s Online Programs Are Among the Best According to U.S. News & World Report’s 2024 Rankings

This month, UMass Lowell’s online degree programs continued to rank among the best in the country by U.S. News & World Report. The media company released its 2024 Best Online Programs Rankings based on its methodology which considers factors like student engagement, faculty expertise, services, technologies and expert opinion. Online learning continues to increase in popularity, offering flexibility and […]

5 Careers You Can Pursue with an Accounting Certificate

Are you seeking a career with stability, growth opportunities and strong earning potential? If so, earning an accounting certificate could be your ticket to success. With the increasing demand for skilled professionals, there has never been a better time to explore the exciting career paths available to individuals with an accounting certificate. An accounting certificate […]

Career Services for Online Students

 The Career & Co-Op Center at UMass Lowell is intended to help you succeed in your career, regardless of whether you’re an online or traditional on-campus student. Online students often face unique challenges in their job searches. For example, you may not have the same opportunities to network with potential employers as traditional campus students. […]

Navigating a Career in Information Technology

If you’re looking to transition to a career in information technology, now is an ideal time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Overall employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations from 2022 to 2032.” The high demand for IT professionals translates to […]

5 Tips to Fast-Track Your Degree

When pursuing a degree program, time is often a limiting factor. Traditional on-campus degrees can take several years to complete, and this timeframe is not feasible for many students. However, fast-tracking your degree can offer numerous benefits and open doors to exciting opportunities. By completing your education in a shorter time frame, you can start […]

Master’s in Criminal Justice Career Guide

What Can a Masters in Criminal Justice Do? A Master’s in Criminal Justice opens doors to many careers in law enforcement, corrections and the legal system. This advanced degree equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a leader in the field, from detective or probation officer to forensic psychologist or FBI agent. Contrary […]

Negotiating Tuition Reimbursement with Your Employer

Organizations understand the value of investing in your professional growth in today’s competitive job market. As a result, you may never find the need to negotiate tuition reimbursement. Companies support academic advancement as part of their retention and development strategies and the tax benefits they receive for funding employees’ education expenses. They also benefit from […]

What is CAHIIM Accreditation and Why Does it Matter?

In a rapidly evolving field like health care informatics, the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) ensures the quality and relevance of degree programs. CAHIIM accreditation gives you confidence that you will receive a comprehensive education that meets industry standards. It enhances your job prospects and equips you with the […]